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bling 26 August in 02:00

Inteha ho gyi intezaar ki, aayi na kuch khabar Kusum pyari ki, wajah kya hui bedardi balma nhi aane ki....

bling 24 August in 19:55

U r my dreamgirl, yahan bhale tum na aao dream me to mai roz milta hu , o my sweetie

Viranj 24 August in 00:49

She is soo dammmmm good.. very soft spoken girl.
Love to meet her daily.. ????
Please online

bling 17 August in 23:31

Kabhi tumhe yaad meri aaye to fir se kaise milu, miss u

bling 11 August in 20:47

Kya comment kru tumhare baare me soch te hi sab bhul jata hu, you know very well the art of stealing heart

bling 10 August in 18:22

Precious things are rare so she visits here rarely, but her fans continuously searches here to have a glance of her , her ten minutes can make anybody crazy for her lifelong, wish I could see her daily

bling 5 August in 00:34

Freshness of flowers fragrance of love is this beautiful nightangle whose name is Kusum is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen, but I want to see her daily so please come and interact daily else let us know your scheduled time

bling 5 August in 00:29

Hazaron dilon ki dhadkan hai ye kanya pyari jiska naam hai Kusum kumari

bling 3 August in 16:41

Is it sure to meet you on appointment, you don't come regular then what is the guarantee of appointment. O beautiful lady I miss you so much

bling 27 July in 19:24

Apne chahne walon ko itna ignore krna ...galat baat hai... I miss you so much

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